100% Recyclable PE and PBL tubes equipped with pumps, nozzles, roll-on, sponge tip, and massage head, etc. are the perfect choice for the beauty and personal care industry. Our tubes can be used with a wide range of products.

Cosmetic Products: make-up primer, foundation

Face Care Products: face mask, facial wash, lips & eyes care, moisturizer & anti-age cream,Sunscreen 

Body Care Products: bath & shower products, body scrub, hand cream, massage cream, exfoliant

Hair Care Products: shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask

Oral/Dental Care Products: toothpaste

Pharmaceutical Products: pain relief cream, topical ointment

Thanks to our R&D team, we’re capable of constantly launching innovative tube caps with diverse functions. Our cutting-edge printing technology enables brands to try out exceptional designs.


Full Range of Size: 

· 1mm to 50mm and above

· 2ml to 500ml


Head & Shoulder Style:

· Round 

· Oval


Options of Tail:

· Unsealed

· Customized Sealed


Cap Options:

· Twist lock caps

· Flip-top caps

· Screw caps

· Multifunctional caps


Diversity in Decoration:

· Offset printing

· Gloss or matt 

· High Gloss

· Metallic

· Pearlescent

· Silky

· Hot stamping

· Tactile* 

· Embossing